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For your heating and cooling system to operate at its best, all components require regular maintenance. While homeowners tend to forget about the ductwork, this conduit of passageways delivers and removes air into and out of every room. The integrity of the duct system plays a significant role in your comfort, air quality, budget, carbon footprint, and even safety.

Expert Duct Repair & Maintenance

Contact Lambert Heating & A/C Inc at (605) 223-8701 for routine duct inspection, proactive service and repairs in greater Sioux Falls and surrounding areas. By catching and resolving issues early, we help you avoid greater damage and more serious problems. If you’ve noticed inconsistent temperatures, cold/hot spots, strange noises coming from the air ducts, or lengthy HVAC run times, there are problems that need to be addressed.

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Have you been ignoring the ventilation system installed in your home? If so, you’re most likely paying higher than necessary utility bills. Concerns such as contaminant buildup or leaks lead to energy waste and greater stress upon heating and cooling components. With six decades of experience, Lambert Heating & A/C Inc has the specialized tools, experience, and training to properly access and optimize the entirety of the ductwork. Family-owned and operated, we consistently earn positive customer ratings for our dedicated service across Sioux Falls, Brandon, Harrisburg, Tea, Hartford, and Crooks, SD.

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Ductwork Installation, Ductwork Replacement & Ductwork Maintenance Harrisburg, SD, Tea, SD, Hartford, SD, Crooks, SD, Sioux Falls, SD & Brandon, SD

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We don’t just say we are the best. We make sure we have the training, equipment, and credibility necessary to back it up.

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