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Upgrading your thermostat can save you a lot of money. Today’s WiFi options offer benefits that add comfort, convenience, and efficiency to your home. If you’ve done any shopping, you know there’s a wide array of models and features to choose from. It can be overwhelming. Lambert Heating & A/C Inc invites you to reach out to us at (605) 223-8701 for knowledgeable assistance and service in greater Sioux Falls and surrounding areas.

Professional WiFi Thermostat Installations

Modern advancements in technology have led to superior control over temperature and air quality. Smart options make automatic adjustments to lessen the strain on the HVAC system, conserve energy, accommodate specific zones, and cater to your schedule. Utilizing occupancy sensors or the GPS on your smartphone, certain models know when you’re home or away and react accordingly.

For all your WiFi thermostat services, call the Lambert Heating & A/C Inc team!

A new thermostat is a home improvement. They come in various shapes and sizes with touchscreens, customizable displays, and wireless access through your phone, tablet, or laptop. They are easy to use, light up to allow navigation in the dark, and offer all sorts of helpful data, from maintenance alerts to weather forecasts. Ready to take a look at what’s available and find the perfect solution for your home? Family-owned and operated, Lambert Heating & A/C Inc enjoys assisting homeowners across Sioux Falls, Brandon, Harrisburg, Tea, Hartford, and Crooks, SD.

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